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exteriorWe are a 60,000 square foot indoor material recovery facility (MRF) specializing in recycling of construction, renovation and demolition material.

We are Canada’s most advanced indoor recycling processor, providing services to the public, disposal bin companies and transfer stations. Whether you are a bin company looking for a convenient place to dump your material, a home owner renovating your home, or a transfer station that is concerned about our environment, we are the answer to all of your disposal needs. We are a' “dump and go” recycler – you drive onto our scales for weighing, drive into our facility, dump the material on our floor and drive back onto our scales for weighing and go. No sorting is required by our customers.

Do you have transportation issues?

We can help. We have a fleet of walking floor trailers available.

Our facility is VERY USER FRIENDLY.

If you are a transfer station, bin company or a do-it-yourselfer and are concerned about our environment, bring your material to us. Together we can divert the waste from our landfills; prolonging the life of our landfills.

inside2Remember the 3Rs: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle!

We source-separate all of the material through a combination of mechanical and manual processes to achieve the highest level of material recovery as possible. Our source-separation includes, but is not limited to : wood, metals, plastics, cardboard, drywall, fines and aggregates. The clean wood is ground into 2” or less which can be used as a fuel for boilers, as mulch for horticultural purposes, or sold to the wood pellet industry. The fines and/or “residuals” may be used as an alternative daily cover or roadway for landfills or biomass. We are able to process up to 800 metric tonnes of material per day.

We promote a clean environment

The construction waste we collect and separate is diverted from our landfills by converting waste into a sustainable fuel source.

Facility Closed on Statutory holidays