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CountryWide Recycling

Our Recycling Facility

The fastest, most advanced material recovery facility in Canada

We are a material recovery facility (MRF) specializing in recycling of non-hazardous construction, renovation and demolition materials. We are Canada’s most advanced indoor recycling processor, providing services to the public, disposal bin companies and transfer stations. With a 60,000 square foot facility, we are able to process up to 800 tonnes of material per day.

So how does it work?

We separate all the material you drop off by hand and by machine so we achieve the highest level of material recovery possible. Bring us your wood, metals, plastics, cardboard, drywall and aggregates, like brick and porcelain and we’ll keep it out of landfills. We also buy metals, so keep them in a separate bin and get some money for your efforts.

If you need a bin (or 10) on site, we can help with that too. Call us right now and we might even be able to get a bin to you today. If you’re in a pinch, don’t let your project bottleneck at waste disposal. Let us get you back on track.

Getting rid of your waste

recycling plant outdoorsNot only is our material recycling facility user friendly, providing a convenient ‘dump-and-go’ service—freeing up your time and any obligation on your part in sorting the recycled goods. We also provide free cardboard drop off, and can assist you with your waste material transportation issues with our fleet of walking floor trailers. You’ve never used one before? Then you haven’t lived! Find out more about these trailers from a member of our team.

Whether you are a bin company looking for a convenient place to dump your material, a homeowner renovating your home, a project manager doing some planning or a transfer station that is concerned about our environment, our material recovery facility is the answer to all of your disposal needs.

Drop by our material recovery facility and see how quickly we can get your recyclables weighed, unloaded and send you back on your way. Or give us a call to book your bin or discuss your LEED credits.

Get a Quote for your bin or trailer today, or locate our drop off facility